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John Muir ~ Attendance
Luul Abshir

Abshir, Luul

Instructional Assistant - Somali

Addish, Aisha

2nd Grade Teacher

Personal Message “If I love you I have to make you conscious of the things you don't see.” — James Baldwin. I love to sing, drink Ethiopian coffee, and go anywhere that's near the water!


Ares, Ella Amanda

Instructional Assistant - Access

Personal Message

I am a Special Education Instructional Assistant.

Bare, Mohamed

Night Custodian

Beavers, Melody

Family Educator II - Hdstrt
Katya Beckett

Beckett, Katya

Reading Specialist

Personal Message

I am so proud to be a Muir Lion! I love seeing how hard our kids work to strengthen their reading, speaking, listening, and comprehension skills. My favorite part of the day is when we have great conversations about books, authors, and writing that help us learn more about ourselves and our world. Readers are Leaders!

Christine Bell-Holmes

Bell-Holmes, Christine

Family Educator I - Hdstrt


I love to teach!

Joni-Kay Burwell

Burwell, Joni-Kay

Librarian (AM only M-F)

I'm honored to be your .5 librarian for the 7th year! What drives me? Watching students come to the library and see their eyes light up at finding a book they love! Also, when students stop me in the hall and ask me if I have a particular book, energizes me. Reading and libraries have carried me through many times in my life. I will always keep the door open for our children to learn and grow through beautiful stories and a peaceful place to lose themselves in their books.

Chan, Duke

Day Custodian
Nancy Clisham

Clisham, Nancy

Kindergarten Teacher


I love teaching kindergarten!

,Personal Message

I am looking forward to a great year of learning together.

Dayna CodyKramers

CodyKramers, Dayna

Kindergarten Teacher
Alison Cohon

Cohon, Alison

ELL Teacher (Monday - Thursday)
Amanda Cumbow

Cumbow, Amanda

Instructional Assistant - Spanish


I love to learn, teach, write, dance, communicate, explore....and I LOVE this school!

,Personal Message

The best is yet to come, keep showing up!

DeRouen, Courtney

Seattle Teacher Resident (Ogatta/Kindergarten)

Dorsey, Barry

Certificated Substitute
Daniel Downs

Downs, Daniel

PE Teacher (Monday - Friday)


I am the K-5 Physical Education Teacher at John Muir Elementary. I believe in teaching students a variety of sports and motor skills that will help them appreciate movement so that they will be lifelong movers.