John Muir Elementary

John Muir

Directions and Map

Directions and Map to John Muir

John Muir Elementary School

3301 S Horton St., Seattle, WA 98144

Walking Map to John Muir

Student Drop-Off & Pick-up Traffic Policies

John Muir has a traffic policy to keep our community safe (updated 10/23/22)

  • 34th Ave S. is one-way moving south only between Horton and Hinds 
  • 33rd Ave S. is one-way moving south only between Hinds and Spokane
  • Refer to traffic flow map below.
  • Pull up to front of drop-off area (cutout on 34th or north side of Hinds). Students exit car on school-side, curb-side only
  • Drop students at 34th Ave Gate or Hinds Gate
  • Park nearby and walk onto to the playground to meet your student(s).
  • Students enter car on school-side, curb-side only
  • Kids need a walk pass to leave without an adult–talk to Erika or teacher(s)

Please treat staff in neon vests and other families with kindness, respect, and patience. Safety is our top priority!

  • Drive <10mph when within 3 blocks of Muir
  • Do not back up or do u-turns.
  • Do not park, even temporarily:
    • In the driveways on 34th (near the dumpsters or the walk-in gate)
    • In the driveway on Horton (staff parking lot). 
    • Within 20 feet of intersections, especially crosswalks and stop signs
  • Pedestrians have the right of way at ALL intersections.
  • Come to a complete stop the whole time someone is crossing.
  • Always drive on the right side of the road; don’t cross traffic to park or pass.
  • Use your blinker to help pedestrians know
  • Pedestrians: always cross at intersections (not the middle of the block), ideally with an adult

If you can, walk or bike to school. It’s a fun way to get exercise, improve learning, reduce traffic and accidents, and connect with community!

Map of traffic flow plan for cars and pedestrians during student drop-off and pick-up