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    Student Support Specialist

    My name is Susan Shorr and I am the Student Support Specialist at John Muir. I am so happy to be in my fourth year at this wonderful school! My role as the Student Support Specialist involves working individually with students who are struggling with academics or experiencing social or emotional challenges. I teach Steps to Respect/Second Step in all of our 16 classrooms in order to increase students’ emotional intelligence, anger management skills, friendship skills, and anti-bullying skills. Additionally, I am John Muir’s Section 504 coordinator, run the Penny Harvest program, serve as the Girls on the Run liaison, help with Safety Patrol, head the Muir Mediators, and lead our school SIT (Student Intervention Team).

    A SIT is a meeting that is held at school 1-3 times a week when there is a concern about a particular student. The concern may be in regards to academics, behavior, health, attendance, etc. Our SIT team includes parent(s)/guardian(s), Principal, Head Teacher, Nurse, Family Support Worker, Student Support Specialist, Resource Teacher, School Psychologist, Classroom Teacher, and any other support staff, as needed. Any staff member or family member may request a SIT meeting when a concern arises. Our time during the SIT meeting is spent discussing the student’s strengths, talking about why the request for the meeting was made (the concern/s), researching if there have been any interventions done in the past to help with the concern/s, and brainstorming as a group what can be done from that moment forward to help the student be as successful as possible in school.

    I love all of the things that I get to do in my job as the Student Support Specialist. My favorite part though is getting to know all of the students and families. Therefore, please keep me updated on how things are going and if you have any concerns (and I can do the same for you). You can reach me by email, on the phone, or stop by my office (across from the main office). I hope that we can all work together as a team this year to ensure that each student has the opportunity to reach his or her maximum potential.


    Susan Shorr
    206-252-7406 office
    206-252-7401 fax