Mission Statement

The mission of the Muir Library and Computer Program is to create a warm, welcoming environment where students are empowered to become lifelong learners, lovers of the written word, and effective users of ideas, information, and technology. 

Announcements, Thank Yous And Upcoming Events

  • Congratulations to The Readers and Roarers who made it to the Championship round of the Global Reading Challenge.  Your spirit and teamwork was awesome!  Team members: Audrey Kinskey, Uma Garcia, Zane Wilson, Joji Momi-Lane, Philipe Kemp and Muhamed Abdilahi. You are all awesome!


Three Roles of the Librarian

Librarians in the Seattle School District:

  1. Teach Information Literacy
  2. Promote Literacy and Advocate Reading
  3. Manage Information by providing appropriate information resources to students, teachers, administrators, and parents


Libraries and Student Achievement

A substantial body of research since 1990 shows a positive relationship between school libraries and student achievement. Fourteen unique state research studies validated that a school library program that is adequately staffed, resourced, and funded can lead to higher student achievement regardless of the socioeconomic or educational levels of the community. 


Library Programs Promoting Literacy

Global Reading Challenge: In conjunction with the Seattle Public Library 4th and 5th graders are encouraged to participate in the Challenge which involves teams of 7 students working together so that the team (as a group) will have read each of the 10 Global Reading Challenge books. They then compete against other teams in the District and from Canada in a Quiz Game answering questions about the books! 


  • 7,584 titles
  • 14,811 copies
  • We have an average monthly circulation of 1,060 volumes.
  • 2 Print encyclopedias at two grade levels.
  • Subscriptions to 16 Periodical Magazines.
  • 10 Computers with access to the Online Catalogue, the Internet and Microsoft Office applications.
  • 29 Computers with the same access as above in the lab just adjacent to the library.
  • 32 Dell Latitude 3340 laptops 

Donate Now: We really need computer headphones for the lab and library.  It would still be superfantastic if you could just donate one book! To check out my book wish list just click on the link below:


Biggest Needs:

  • Computer Headphones 
  • AA and AAA Batteries
  • Computer Speakers (to loan out to teachers)


Circulation Statistics

During the 2016-2017 school year we circulated:

  • September: 1227
  • October:  1790
  • November:  1231
  • December: 825
  • January:  1407
  • February:  819
  • March:  
  • April:  
  • May:   
  • June: 


2017:  6474 (to date so far)
2016: 11,855
2015: 15,050
2014: 13,298
2013: 12,972
2012: 10,694
2011: 12,240
2010: 13,323
2009: 12,955
2008: 12,284 
2007: 14,665
2006: 13,615
2005: 13,928
2004: 12,447
2003: 12,046







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